Programs & Initiatives

NAIC’s programs and initiatives are designed to serve our members and the broader industry in three ways: Increasing Access to Capital, Delivering Market Education and Addressing Industry challenges. Through these efforts NAIC aims to create opportunities for member firms to attract increased allocations of institutional investment capital, to educate institutional investors about the outsized returns generated by diverse managers and to build a robust pipeline of the women- and diverse-owned alternative asset management firms of the future.

LP Meet Up

The LP Meet Up creates opportunities for institutional investors (LPs) to meet directly with NAIC members in 15-minute one-on-one meetings via webcam. These meetings provide a chance to make introductions and set the foundation for long-standing relationships.

Why attend?

  • Identify new managers with a strong track record and alpha-generating performance to meet your portfolio’s needs
  • Meet several talented diverse managers in one day
  • Learn from industry leaders on best practices for engaging diverse managers

Next LP Meet Up – October 6, 2022

Women in Alternatives: In, Up and Beyond

The NAIC takes an In, Up and Beyond approach to its Women in Alternatives Initiative. This effort is designed to increase the number of diverse women entering the PE & HF sectors of finance, advance up through the firm leadership structure, and, ultimately, equip them to successfully launch their own firms.


A series of intensive in-person sessions dedicated to educating and empowering a new generation of ethnically diverse and female general partners. The curriculum is designed to train individuals who have recently launched a fund or are seeking to launch a fund within the next 12 months. Topics covered include: entrepreneurship, seeding, partner selection, attracting capital, fund administration, legal considerations, risk mitigation and more.


Educating the Next Generation of Allocators on the Growth of Emerging and Diverse Managers – A unique educational workshop series designed to educate and expose institutional investors to the merits, best practices and investment strategies for successful investing in small, emerging and diverse managers. ENGAGE familiarizes attendees with data that supports small, emerging manager allocation and ultimately expands the universe of investors allocating to small, emerging diverse managers.

Diverse Asset Manager Certification

NAIC is pleased to offer its member firms the opportunity to become an NAIC Certified Diverse Asset Manager. This certification has been recognized by capital allocators as viable proof of diverse asset manager status and has enabled eligible firms to participate in mandates that require such certification.

Federal Pension Initiative

NAIC employs bipartisan advocacy to increase awareness of superior performance of diverse investment managers and increase access to federal pension capital. NAIC participates in industry briefings, town halls, and provides expert testimony as requested by policymakers. Headquartered in Washington, DC, NAIC has positioned itself to be the industry thought leader for insights on diverse alternative asset managers on Capitol Hill.

Young Professionals Scholarships

NAIC leverages its annual conference to strengthen the pipeline of young professionals in financial services interested in careers in private equity and hedge funds by awarding Young Professionals Scholarships to attend our conference. NAIC offers registration fee waivers to select graduate students and young professionals to participate in all conference activities. Scholarships are awarded to students and alumni from some of the top colleges and universities from across the country.


Established in October 2019, the NAIC Growth Equity Funds Initiative is an important effort, supported by the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC), with the intent to aggregate $1 billion of growth equity capital to invest in ethnically diverse and women-owned business enterprises (DWBEs). With the generous support of a $1.4 million grant from the MBDA, the NAIC will lead and manage this initiative with the goal of financing DWBEs, while creating greater wealth in their communities.