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NAIC Members Pictured (L to R): Jarrid Tingle, Harlem Capital, Samara Hernandez, Chingona Ventures

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October 3, 2024

LP Meetup

Where LPs and GPs Connect

This one-day event provides the opportunity for NAIC members to engage with more than 50 institutional investors to facilitate new investor connections and expand existing relationships. The LP Meetup is designed to create an environment where NAIC members can meet several LPs in private, one-on-one settings to begin new capital conversations.
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Institutional Investor Roadshows

Capital Connection Forums

Institutional Investor Roadshows bring NAIC member firms and capital allocators together to share insights and expand relationships. These monthly forums give NAIC members an opportunity to connect with potential investors and provide a platform to discuss investment strategies and manager performance during one-on-one meetings. Roadshow hosts include ILPA, BlackRock, Mercer, CalSTRS, LACERA, NYC Comptroller, MassPrim, Georgetown University, Wellesley College, SURS, and many more.
Exclusive to Members. By Invitation Only.


Fundraising Advisory Support Tracker (F.A.S.T.)

Personal Capital Allocator Introductions

Our industry-leading F.A.S.T. program was designed to introduce NAIC members to new capital allocators and strengthen existing relationships. The NAIC leadership team schedules a call with you to gain a deep understanding of your strategy and objectives in order to make 25+ warm introductions to relevant capital allocators in our network of 140+ institutional investors.
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Managers in the Market (MINT) Report

A Compendium of Member Firms’ Tear Sheets for Allocators

The Managers in the Market (MINT) Report is a quarterly compendium of tear sheets for NAIC member firms that are currently fundraising or have recently closed funds. It is distributed to a growing list of institutional investors nationwide and serves as a special resource for allocators seeking to invest with high-performing diverse managers.