Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC). NAIC is the largest trade association of diverse and emerging private equity firms and hedge funds. Comprised of 130 members representing over $250B in assets under management, 898 portfolio companies and over 717,000 employees globally. Our goal is to build strategic partnerships that will elevate our mission and ability to serve our members in the private equity and hedge fund communities.

Establishing the Next Generation of Private Equity Firms Symposia

NextGen is a series of intensive in-person sessions dedicated to educating and empowering a new generation of ethnically diverse and female general partners. The curriculum is designed to train individuals who have recently launched a fund or are seeking to launch a fund within the next 12 months. Topics covered include: entrepreneurship, seeding, partner selection, attracting capital, fund administration, legal considerations, risk mitigation and more. Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • National recognition as Featured Sponsor
  • Opportunity to develop and present content
  • Direct, in-person access to diverse emerging managers
  • Advertisement in NAIC MINT Report

Women in Alternatives

The NAIC takes an “In, Up and Beyond” approach it its Women in Alternatives Initiative. This effort is designed to increase the number of diverse women entering the PE & HF sectors of finance, advance through the firm leadership structure, and, ultimately, equip them to successfully launch their own firms. Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • National recognition as Featured Sponsor
  • Opportunity to provide Fellowships for diverse women
  • Opportunity to develop and present content

Managers in the Market (MINT) Report

The Managers in the Market (MINT) Report is a quarterly compendium of tear sheets for NAIC Member firms that are currently fundraising, have recently closed funds or have funds that are coming to market within the next twelve months. The MINT Report is widely distributed to a growing list of over 100 institutional investors nationwide and serves as a special resource for allocators seeking to invest with high-performing diverse managers. Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Full-page and half-page advertising opportunities

Diverse Asset Managers Initiative (DAMI)

NAIC has joined a consortium of financial services professionals, institutional investors, corporate and philanthropic board members, and trade associations committed to raising awareness among public, corporate, faith and labor union pension fund investors about the benefits and opportunities of investing funds with diverse asset managers. A highly regarded political think tank and advocacy firm has been retained to develop and coordinate the campaign strategy and execute the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative (DAMI), a multi-year initiative. NAIC holds a seat on the governing board and is helping to guide the DAMI’s strategy and outreach.

Annual Private Equity & Hedge Fund Conference

NAIC’s annual Private Equity & Hedge Fund Conference is the premier conference for diverse asset managers. The conference convenes the largest number of diverse private equity and hedge fund professionals as well as the top institutional investors from around the world. For 50 years, prominent Chief Investment Officers and the most successful emerging managers have benefitted from attending the NAIC’s Annual Conference by gaining:

  • Access to the top 1% of diverse asset managers
  • Strategic access to the U.S. Emerging Manager Market
  • Access to affluent, diverse executives and business owners
  • Access to Hispanic-American, African-American, and Asian-American investors

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