The National Association of Investment Companies is the premier source for information regarding the U.S. Emerging Domestic Market (EDM). Our publications and other resources provide insight into investment strategy, performance and events that affect the private equity industry and the diverse investment managers within it.

Research is the foundation for every investment decision and often helps drive investor behavior. The NAIC publishes studies that offer in-depth insight into the performance of diverse managers, the industries in which they invest and the benefits of instituting emerging manager programs.
Diversity isn't just about having a social agenda. Diversity is really about different thought processes and approaches to not only reach a goal, but exceed it. In the world of finance, that goal is usually superior returns. Some limited partners understand that achieving these returns means investing in markets that are often overlooked by “the mainstream” and investing with those managers equipped to identify the best opportunities within them.
Through our partnership with ICSGroup, we are able to provide the latest compliance news and other related developments. ICSGroup is a regulatory compliance consulting firm that provides compliance support to the financial services and insurance industries in order to help their clients comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards.