NAIC Paradigm Changers Internship Program

In its 2021 study, Preqin, a leading provider of financial data and information on the alternative assets market, found that only 20 percent of the professionals in the alternatives industry were female at the close of 2020. Furthermore, it found that women held only 12 percent of the industry’s senior positions.

Tapping into a deeper talent pool, crafting a truly inclusive approach to recruiting requires a paradigm shift in thinking and action. The NAIC PARADIGM CHANGERS Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Program is designed to build a pathway for the next generation of women to access careers in alternative investments. Providing private equity and hedge fund internship opportunities, and education, the program sources diverse undergraduate and graduate women from various academic disciplines including business, law, healthcare, technology, mathematics and engineering, among others, for careers in alternative investments.

Through a partnership with the American Investment Council (AIC) and The Robert Toigo Foundation, the PARADIGM CHANGERS program is designed to offer internships for diverse undergraduate and graduate women with the potential to lead in the field of alternative investments. Through internship opportunities, education, and career development programming, the program will prepare women from various academic disciplines including business, law, healthcare, technology, mathematics and engineering, among others, for careers in private equity.

The NAIC PARADIGM CHANGERS Program is deliberately narrow in its focus on advancing pathways for women interested in exploring careers with private equity firms and hedge funds. With NAIC and Toigo’s strong track record of elevating professionals of color and our robust networks, we believe that the Paradigm Changers program is uniquely positioned to attract and capture an inclusive cadre of high-potential talent, establishing a sustainable pipeline of traditionally underrepresented women into the alternative investments industry. 

Assessment Criteria

The Undergraduate Track is open to sophomores and juniors currently enrolled or transferring to a four-year U.S. university, offering students a unique and highly sought-after summer internship opportunity.

The Graduate Track is open to those who are applying to or have been accepted to an accredited, U.S.-based graduate school program, offering students a valuable graduate and/or pre-graduate internships in advance of matriculating into their graduate school programs.

Desired Qualities

  • Aspiring leader with demonstrated experience managing competing priorities 
  • Curiosity in exploring an area of investment with a focus on understanding capital allocation, market trends, and private transactions 
  • Excellent communicator, both written and verbal 
  • Passionate about being a part of increased diversity and inclusion in a professional role. 
  • Presents strong potential for data and analysis, research and spreadsheet skills. 

Want to Get Involved?

Students Seeking an Internship

The PARADIGM CHANGERS Internship is committed to engaging differently and with a new set of prospective candidates who represent excellence in leadership and capability, and bring to bear valuable transferable skill sets.

NAIC & AIC Members

We are excited to invite NAIC and AIC member firms to participate in hosting 2022 interns of the NAIC PARADIGM CHANGERS Internship Program.

If you have questions about the NAIC PARADIGM CHANGERS Internship Program, please send us an email at