Member Benefits

By joining the NAIC you will be connected with the nation’s premier diverse general partners, industry executives and institutional investors. Members also benefit from the NAIC’s work in the following areas:

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The NAIC works vigorously to ensure that its members are not excluded when policymakers and other decision-makers are determining where to invest their funds or weighing in on legislation that could impact the NAIC’s membership. This includes representation during:

  • Legislative Hearings
  • Corporate Initiatives
  • LP Briefings

Thought Leadership

In today’s financial marketplace, it is critical for investment decisions to be based on accurate, reliable, data-driven research. NAIC’s research demonstrates how member firms perform relative to the overall industry, provides insight into how limited partners invest, and prepares diverse investment managers with best practices for successfully navigating the complex private equity landscape, resulting in NAIC being recognized as a trusted source in the private equity community. Examples of the NAIC’s industry insights include:

  • Performance Survey
  • NAIC Annual Meeting & Convention

Access To Capital

Through the NAIC’s programs and initiatives, its members gain direct access to limited partners from which they may not otherwise have connected. NAIC hosts events that allow its members unique collaborative opportunities with institutional investors including:

  • Institutional Investor Roadshows
  • LP Meet Up

Member Resources

FIN Searches

NAIC Members-only database of institutional investor mandate history and contacts.

Diverse Asset Manager Certification

 Industry-recognized certification of diverse ownership status exclusively for NAIC members.

Institutional Investor Roadshows

Forums for Members to meet capital allocators.

Fundraising Advisory Support Tracker (F.A.S.T.)

Members raising First-time funds or early fund generations receive support and introductions to institutional investors from NAIC leadership. This tool helps NAIC better understand our members’ investment priorities and enables NAIC leadership to best advocate on our members’ behalf. The F.A.S.T. is used to track progress on NAIC’s activity on behalf of members’ interests throughout the year.

Managers in the Market (MINT) Report

The Managers in the Market (MINT) Report is a quarterly compendium of tear sheets for NAIC Member firms that are currently fundraising, have recently closed funds or have funds that are coming to market within the next twelve months. The MINT Report is widely distributed to a growing list of over 100 institutional investors nationwide and serves as a special resource for allocators seeking to invest with high-performing diverse managers.