AWS-NAIC Investor Connection Program

NAIC and AWS have joined forces to strengthen the ecosystem of Underrepresented Founders and Venture Capital Investors. This exciting initiative will include curated opportunities for diverse founders to engage with diverse-led venture capital firms within NAIC’s membership and beyond.

The Program

The Investor Connection program is designed to create space for shared insights and valuable connections within a community of diverse leaders in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

How it Works

Step 1


Underrepresented Founders and Venture Capital Investors register for the next AWS NAIC Investor Connection session.

Step 2


Attend the one-hour virtual session, co-hosted by NAIC and AWS to bring founders and investors together featuring dynamic and relevant discussion topics.

Step 3


Through a curated matching process, founders and investors will participate in small group or 1-1 sessions meant to foster connections and increase exposure for underrepresented founders.

NAIC Member Investors Include

Impressionism Capital