Outsized Performance is Met with Outsized Demand

By Alan Hughes of the National Association of Investment Companies

Achieving oversubscribed status is often a positive accomplishment for private equity firms. It generally shows that investors have confidence in the firm’s management team and that its investment strategy will lead to healthy returns for its limited partners. For diverse managers, sometimes representing much smaller, younger firms, raising capital can be more challenging than those representing big-name institutions.

Recently, 10 diverse firms, among them Siris Capital Group, Palladium Equity Partners, Vista Equity Partners, Sycamore Partners, and One Rock Capital Partners, separately set out to raise capital for funds managed to reach oversubscribed levels. This event – the first time in history so many diverse funds have done so – could
signal the beginnings of some much-needed changes in the way institutions invest their money while demonstrating the strong returns many of these managers are providing their investors.

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