Dawn Simmons

Member Services Coordinator

Dawn Simmons serves as the Member Services Coordinator at the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC), the trade association and largest network of diverse-owned alternative investment firms. In her role, Dawn is dedicated to fortifying the connection between NAIC and its esteemed member firms.

Her focus revolves around ensuring seamless member integration within the NAIC community and optimizing the value derived from their membership. Dawn excels in fostering trust and mutual benefit through proactive collaboration with member firms, fostering growth and success for both NAIC and its members.

Dawn’s responsibilities extend to data collection and analysis, leveraging data-driven insights to inform decisions and implement strategies that elevate the member experience.

Having previously served as NAIC’s office manager since 2013, Dawn possesses a deep understanding of the organization’s operations, providing a solid foundation for her current role. Her journey with NAIC began with her entrepreneurial venture, where she founded a virtual assistant company. Starting with The Marathon Club (TMC) as her first client, her exceptional skills led NAIC to join her clientele, underscoring her ability to build enduring relationships and deliver results that foster growth and success.

Dawn’s dedication to member services, along with her prowess in organizational management, embodies NAIC’s core values and drives its mission. Her passion for nurturing strong member relationships positions her as a valuable asset to both NAIC and its member community, contributing significantly to the organization’s ongoing success.