Next Generation of Private Equity Firms Symposium

Establishing the Next Generation of Private Equity Firms Symposia (Next Gen), is a series of intensive in-person sessions dedicated to educating and empowering a new generation of ethnically diverse and female general partners. In 2020, NAIC will host a virtual symposia in November.

These immersive sessions are crafted to provide participants a 360-degree view of what is required to start a new private equity firm and effectively navigate the process of raising capital.

Attendees will receive perspectives from industry leading experts, private equity executives who have successfully raised funds, and capital allocators. These insights will provide an in-depth understanding of the steps, processes and considerations critical to launching a new firm and what it takes to successfully fundraise.

2020 Schedule

In 2020, a Virtual Symposia will be held in November:

NAIC will leverage its broad network to convene some of the top stakeholders from the industry to deliver key insights.

Topics To Be Covered
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Brand Development
  • Partnership Formation
  • Attracting Capital
  • Managing Your Firm’s Money
  • Capital Allocators’ Perspectives
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Building Your Back Office
  • Legal Considerations