Next Generation of Private Equity Firms Symposium

Establishing the Next Generation of Private Equity Firms Symposium (NextGen), is a series of intensive virtual training sessions dedicated to educating and empowering a new generation of ethnically diverse and female general partners.

These immersive sessions are crafted to provide participants a 360-degree view of what is required to start a new private equity firm and effectively navigate the process of raising capital.

Attendees will receive perspectives from industry-leading experts and private equity executives who have successfully raised funds and gain valuable insights from capital allocators.

2022 NextGen Module Topics

  • Experienced Investor, New Entrepreneur: The Realities of Entrepreneurship
  • Picking Your Partners: Talent, Values and Skills
  • Team Formation: Beyond the Partnership
  • Establishing Your Track Record [NEW FOR 2022!]
  • In Their Own Words: Perspectives from Founders that Successfully Built New Firms
  • Developing Your Brand & Attracting Capital: Clarity, Articulation, Strategy, Marketing and Your Pitch
  • Developing Your Marketing Materials
  • Capital Allocators’ Insights
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Portfolio Reporting Software Essentials [NEW FOR 2022!]
  • Managing Your Firm’s Financial Assets
  • Building Your Back Office
  • Legal Considerations
  • Alternative Asset Classes Overview: Venture, Hedge Funds, Real Estate and SBICs [NEW FOR 2022!]

The 2021 NextGen Symposium will include six (6) in-depth Content Modules, delivered once per week for six weeks on Friday afternoons from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm ET. Attendance at all six modules is required.

Module Topics and Dates:

Experienced Investor, New Entrepreneur: The Realities of Entrepreneurship

You have decided to launch your own firm, leveraging the experiences and networks that you have built over a long and successful career. You know everything necessary to do this, right? This common misconception will be addressed in great detail in a session that also covers the journey from managing deals to managing people, establishing a culture, managing logistical and human resources issues, and more. Learn what to expect and how to transition to entrepreneurship as smoothly as possible.

Speaker: Robert L. Greene, President & CEO, NAIC

  • Entrepreneur vs. Employee at an Established Firm
  • Pre-survey Insights: Understanding What You Know and Don’t Know About the Journey Ahead
  • Important Considerations When Building a Firm (Culture, Governance, & Collaboration)
  • Responsibilities of the Founder & Managing Partner: A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur 
Picking Your Partners: Talent, Values and Skills

Picking your Partners is about more than starting a business with friends and colleagues you trust. It’s also about having a shared vision and grounded understanding of what the road ahead will entail, a strong collective track record, and the right balance of skills and experiences that LPs are looking for in the GPs they select for their portfolios. Other crucial goals include laying a strong foundational structure in the partnership agreement that positions your firm to weather any changes that may arise as you travel the road toward building your firm and raising institutional capital. Learn key principles that will position you and your partners for success on this journey.

Speaker: O’Kelly E. McWilliams III, Attorney, Mintz

  • The Founding Partnership
  • Advisory Board
  • Operating Partners



Team Formation: Beyond the Partnership

In this session, you will learn the critical roles and skills required to be considered for institutional investment. You will hear directly from a leading allocator who will cover what positions are critical to your success, the team members you should have in place, key advisory roles that you should fill as well as third-party services available as you construct a solid offering.

Speaker: Mina Nazemi, Managing Director, Private Equity, Barings

  • Investment Team
  • Advisors, Operating Partners, Co-Investors
  • Back-Office Team
In Their Own Words: Perspectives from Founders that Successfully Built New Firms

Lessons learned the hard way, including the real cost of launching and operating an institutional-grade firm, how long it will actually take to raise the capital, the realities of no longer being a part of a much larger entity (with all of the resources and infrastructure it afforded you) are all covered in this session. Ray Whiteman shares some of the harsh realities of being an entrepreneur and raising a fund in the ever-increasingly competitive environment of alternative investment.

Speaker: Ray Whiteman, Managing Partner, Stellex Capital 
Interviewed by NAIC Chief Operating Officer, Carmen Ortiz-McGhee


MODULE 3: MARCH 5, 2021

Developing Your Brand & Attracting Capital: Clarity, Articulation, Strategy, Marketing and Your Pitch

In the crowded and competitive field of fundraising, it is critical to hone your messaging, define your brand and clearly articulate your competitive advantage. In this session, you will hear from leading experts on how to effectively differentiate your strategy and learn how to attract potential LPs’ attention. You will also discover how to pitch to different investor types and how to most effectively tell your story to investors who hear pitches all day, every day.

Speakers: Damali Bond, Managing Director, Park Hill Group; Krissy Nesburg, Managing Director, Park Hill Group

  • What is Your Edge?
  • Key Differentiators
  • Building Your Story: Team, Market Opportunity, Investment Strategy, and Track Record
  • Friends & Family
  • Initial Limited Partners
Developing Your Marketing Materials

When launching a new firm, it is crucial that your marketing materials pass institutional muster. With one chance to make a first impression, your messaging must be concise, consistent and appropriate for your target LPs. Your design must look professional. Participants will hear from an industry expert on how to ensure consistency in messaging and design across your marketing materials.

Speaker: Susan Kirshner, Founder, Words Plus Numbers, LLC

  • Firm and Fund Marketing Materials: Pitch Book, Fact Sheet and Website

Capital Allocators’ Insights

In this session, you will hear directly from one of the top capital allocators in alternative investments. Topics covered in this informative session include the intricacies of the due diligence process, how decisions are made, the do’s and don’ts of interacting with potential LPs and what the competitive landscape looks like for diverse and emerging managers.

Speakers: Derek Jones, Managing Director, Investments, GCM Grosvenor; Atara Charnoff, Private Equity Investments, GCM Grosvenor


MODULE 4: MARCH 12, 2021

Risk Mitigation

The asset management world is rife with risks and uncertainties. In this discussion, global leaders in risk management will instruct how best to protect your firm, partners, and deals. You will also learn about a few innovative new products in the market that can increase the value of a deal or strongly position your firm in competitive deal situations.

Speakers: Alexander Kenney, Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Sponsor Coverage, Aon; Elissa Etheridge, Managing Director, Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions; Peter Petitt, Managing Director, New Ventures Group, Aon

  • Key fund level insurances
  • Key employee level insurances/risk management
  • Cyber liability insurance and risk management for fund and portfolio companies
  • IP valuation and price modeling
  • Due diligence (H&B, P&C and Cyber) for acquisition when the time comes
  • Transactional insurances (R&W insurance, Tax liability insurance, Litigation insurance)
Managing Your Firm’s Financial Assets

The topics covered in this session are some of the most underestimated – both quantitatively and qualitatively. Hear from industry-leading experts how best to prepare for the journey ahead and how to evaluate critically important strategy options to manage your firm’s and your personal financial assets most effectively.

  • Wealth Management (3:55pm – 4:10pm)
    Speaker: James Tieng, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Lumos Capital Group
  • Seeding (4:10pm – 4:25pm)
    Speaker: Justin Nunez, Partner, TPG Public Equity Partners
  • First Year P&L Statements (4:25pm – 4:40pm)
    Speaker: Ian Taylor, Partner, Ernst & Young; Erik Miller, Partner, Verus Investment Partners
  • Management Fees & Waterfalls (4:40pm – 4:55pm)
    Speaker: Nicole Washington, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis


MODULE 5: MARCH 19, 2021

Building Your Back Office (Parts I and II)

Compliance and regulatory requirements, institutional investor reporting standards, cash and treasury management are all areas that are often underestimated by new managers – both in their importance and complexity – with potentially dire consequences if not properly managed. This session will take you through these key areas, what you need to do to make sure you are well-covered as you build and grow your firm.

Speaker: Ian Taylor, Partner, Ernst & Young

  • Regulatory & Compliance Essentials
  • Private Equity Administration
  • Hybrid Funds/Investor Services
  • Management Company Accounting


MODULE 6: March 26, 2021

Legal Considerations (Parts I and II)

From the impact of securities law on marketing, to fund and sponsor structuring, to the intricacies of fund documentation and closings, learn the critical components of how best to structurally set up your firm for success from one of the world’s top law firms.

Speaker: Nicole Washington, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis

  • Fund and Sponsor Structuring
  • Fund Documentation
  • Marketing Considerations
  • Closings

For any questions, please reach out directly to NAIC Programs & Initiatives Manager, David Smith, at