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The NAIC hosts events that bring leading diverse investment managers together with chief investment officers, institutional investors and industry professionals for networking and insight into industry trends. Our events provide a platform by which advocacy, business opportunities, and investment strategies are explored.

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NAIC Virtual LP Meetup: Thursday, October 6, 2022

The NAIC LP Meetup provides an opportunity for capital allocators to engage with NAIC members, facilitate new investor connections and expand existing relationships. The LP Meetup is designed expressly to create an environment where NAIC members can meet several LPs in private, one-on-one settings to begin new capital conversations.

Additionally, the LP Meetup serves as the premier event for all institutional investors interested in meeting experienced, high-performing diverse managers. At our 2021 LP Meetup, 55 capital allocators and 62 NAIC general partners were connected in over 280 one-on-one private meetings.

GP Registration will open the last week of August.

Why attend?

Whether you are an institutional investor seeking to diversify your portfolio of managers, or if you are a general partner interested in connecting with new LPs, the NAIC LP Meetup is the place to be.

Institutional Investors

  • Identify new managers with a strong track record and alpha-generating performance to meet your portfolio’s needs
  • Meet several talented diverse managers in one day
  • Learn best practices for engaging with diverse managers from industry leaders

NAIC Virtual Institutional Investor Roadshows

The NAIC Institutional Investor Roadshows are members-only events that bring together high-ranking investment managers with limited partners and government officials to share insights and market intelligence as well as network. These forums also give potential investors an opportunity to connect with NAIC members and provide a platform to discuss manager performance, investment strategies and relevant emerging manager programs. These exclusive events are for institutional investors, government officials, and C-level investment executives who want to interact and build relationships.

All Institutional Investor Roadshows will be virtual for the foreseeable future. Meetings are held utilizing videoconference technology. Roadshows are announced to members as soon as institutional investors commit to participating.

NAIC Insights Series

The NAIC Insights Series is a monthly series of virtual conversations that provide timely and relevant insights into the strategies, investments, commitments and future plans of industry leaders and prominent investors across the industry. These virtual conversations will be presented live online for the NAIC community to view and engage with participants.


Establishing the Next Generation of Private Equity Firms Symposium (NextGen), is a series of nine intensive virtual training sessions dedicated to educating and empowering a new generation of ethnically diverse and female general partners.

These immersive sessions are crafted to provide participants a 360-degree view of what is required to start a new private equity firm and effectively navigate the process of raising capital.

Attendees will receive perspectives from industry-leading experts and private equity executives who have successfully raised funds and gain valuable insights from capital allocators.

The 2023 NextGen Symposium is scheduled for February 2023.

Click below to register for access to the 2022 NextGen Symposium On Demand Content: $500


Produced by NAIC, GCM Grosvenor and the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative, ENGAGE – a unique educational workshop designed to meet the growing interest of institutional investors seeking comprehensive knowledge on the merits, best practices, and strategies for investing in small, emerging, and diverse managers (SEDMs).

ENGAGE aims to:
  • Provide programming tailored for investment staff and board trustees
  • Familiarize participants with data that supports SEDM investing
  • Address top objectives and roadblocks to capital allocations
  • Expand the universe of allocators and managers alike