Knight Foundation Study Analyzes Diverse-Managed Endowment Investments

The Knight Foundation and Global Economics Group recently published “Diversity of Asset Managers in Philanthropy,” a study that assesses the representation of diverse asset managers among 26 of the top 50 foundations in the US. Among the report’s findings are that $8.62 billion (13.5%) of the $63.95 billion in endowment investments overseen by these foundations are invested with diversely-owned firms (women- and racially or ethnically diverse-owned investment firms). The report also found that the average foundation invests 13.3% of its assets in diversely-owned firms, 10.8% in women-owned firms and 9% in minority-owned firms. The median foundationinvests 13.5% in diversely-owned firms, 10.9% in women-owned firms and 7.9% in minority-owned firms.