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The NAIC Insights Series is a monthly series of virtual conversations that provide timely and relevant insights into the strategies, investments, commitments and future plans of industry leaders and prominent investors across the country. These virtual conversations will be presented live online for the NAIC community to view and engage with participants.

NAIC will host virtual conversations with industry leaders and CIOs every month. Participants can expect to hear from some of the nation’s top CIOs, Trustees, and Executives about their perspectives on the current economy, investment plans in response to COVID-19, the impact of current social issues on the industry all against the backdrop of and uncertain and incredibly turbulent market.

Additionally, NAIC will be publishing its first-ever LP Insights Report. This publication will analyze institutional investors’ perspectives on a post-covid-19 reality and provide insights into the future of fundraising for diverse managers among other important topics. The NAIC LP Insights report is expected to be released in Q3 2020. Stay tuned for more information!

Upcoming NAIC Insights Series Schedule

CIO Insights Live

Alex Doñé, Chief Investment Officer, NYC Retirement Systems

How has recent turmoil in the financial markets and social unrest impacted capital allocations, portfolio expectations and the manager selection process in New York City? Join us for this and more at 3 p.m. ET January 28th as CIO Insights Live welcomes Alex Doñé, Chief Investment Officer, NYC Retirement Systems!

Doñé, who oversees the fourth-largest U.S. public pension plan with $225 billion in AUM and serving 730,000 beneficiaries, is an industry veteran and will bring perspectives gained from his 30 years in the field. Joining Doñé in the virtual fireside chat will be our very own President & CEO, Robert L. Greene. The conversation will cover a host of topics, including the impact of COVID-19 on the Plan, TRSNYC’s Diversity & Inclusion practices, and Doñé’s professional journey. This one is not to be missed!

Past NAIC Insights Series Speakers

Industry Insights

Shawn T. Wooden, Treasurer, State of Connecticut

What is the outlook for diverse managers in the Constitution State, what pivots have been made in the face of the global pandemic, and how can diverse managers address the state’s portfolio objectives? This and much more was covered in a recent Industry Insights Live featuring Shawn T. Wooden, Connecticut State Treasurer.

Industry Insights

James H. Lowry, Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group

NAIC recently welcomed true business legend and lifelong champion of diversity, James H. Lowry, Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group for the 18th edition of Industry Insights Live.

Lowry, a pioneer for supplier diversity, was the first African American consultant for global consulting firm McKinsey & Co. in 1968, where he convinced corporate clients of the value of investing in diverse communities and sought to increase the firm’s number of African American consultants. In 1975, he founded James H. Lowry & Associates where his strategic partnership with Ford led to the automotive giant sourcing more than $3 billon of goods and services to more than 300 minority suppliers.

Trustee Insights

Henry Jones, President, CalPERS Board of Administration

Hosted by NAIC President & CEO, Robert L. Greene, this Trustee Insights Live Stream covered such critical issues as the impact of COVID 19 on CalPERS, their renewed commitment to engaging with diverse asset managers, the outlook for emerging managers, the potential impact of California voters deciding in November whether the state and its public colleges can consider race in their hiring, contracting and admissions decisions (Proposition 209), and more.

Industry Insights

Hank Kim, Executive Director and Counsel, NCPERS

How are pension plans faring in 2020, in what ways has COVID-19 impacted investments and allocations, and how do diverse managers fit into it all? This and more was dovered during NAIC Industry Leader Insights with Hank Kim, Executive Director and Counsel, NCPERS.

CIO Insights

Michael Miller, CIO, Colonial Consulting
What are some of the top-of-mind issues CIOs are facing in today’s uncertain markets, and what portfolio adjustments do they anticipate as a result? Michael Miller, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer of Colonial Consulting, shared his thoughts on current market conditions and how Colonial’s institutional clients are adjusting to the ‘new normal.’

Industry Insights Live

JoAnn H. Price, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Fairview Capital Partners

How have diverse managers evolved over the years, what does the future look like for women in alternatives and what impact has COVID-19 have on the way a leading diverse-owned fund of funds approaches investing? Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight from longtime industry leader JoAnn H. Price, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Fairview Capital Partners, joins us for Industry Insights Live!

CIO Insights Live

Johara Farhadieh, Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer, Illinois State Board of Investment

What are some of the top-of-mind issues faced by today’s leading CIOs and how have recent market and socio-political trends affected their outlooks and allocations? This and more was covered as Johara Farhadieh, Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer, Illinois State Board of Investment, joined us for CIO Insights Live!