Diverse Asset Manager Certification

NAIC is pleased to offer its member firms the opportunity to become an NAIC Certified Diverse Asset Manager. This certification has been recognized by capital allocators as viable proof of diverse asset manager status and has enabled eligible firms to participate in mandates that require such certification.

Why Certify?

NAIC is the premier industry-recognized trade association for diverse-owned private equity firms and hedge funds.  Please note that this is exclusive to NAIC member firms.

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The Benefits

Certification ensures institutional investors that these firms have been vetted by industry experts and attests to the veracity of their diverse ownership status.

  • National recognition by NAIC’s leadership and the industry network more broadly
  • Third-party confirmation of diverse ownership
  • Increased opportunities for participation in mandates in markets that require formal certification of diverse ownership

How to Apply?

Only complete application packages will be accepted and reviewed. Applications must be emailed and include all requested documents as attachments to one email. Applications should be sent to Dawn Simmons at dawn@naicpe.com.

The Application Must Include:
  • A copy of the Management Company Agreement
  • A letter from your organization’s law firm attesting to the veracity of the ownership structure as described in your Management Company Agreement
  • A copy of the Management Company audit (if available)
  • A notarized letter detailing the race/ethnicity and place of birth for each member of the Management Company

All certification applications require a one-time non-refundable application fee of $3,500.

Additional Information:

If you are interested in securing this certification or if you would like additional information, please contact Dawn Simmons, Member Services Coordinator, at dawn@naicpe.com.