The Largest Network of Diverse-Owned Private Equity Firms and Hedge Funds
The National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) is a Washington DC-based trade association that serves as the largest network of diverse-owned and emerging private equity firms and hedge funds. Through education, advocacy and industry events, the NAIC is focused on increasing the flow of capital to high-performing diverse investment managers often underutilized by institutional investors.

NAIC Home Run Club

The NAIC Home Run Club recognizes deals completed by NAIC member firms that have returned at least 4X to their limited partners. This will be an ongoing tribute to those diverse managers who have generated superior return.

Featured Research

Larry Manson, Jim Casselberry and David Kushner of NexTier examine the current state of institutional searches for emerging asset managers and prescribe best practices for identifying and utilizing the most talented emerging managers.
This study is an in-depth review of the investment performance of diverse-owned private equity firms from 1995-2015. Published with assistance from KPMG, an independent accounting firm that analyzed and compiled the performance data to ensure its integrity and accuracy, and AON Hewitt, who wrote the report, it serves as a resource for institutional investors, industry professionals and the media.
The Limited Partner Perspective: The Opportunity in Diverse Emerging Managers is a study that analyzes the experiences of limited partners (LPs) who invest in private equity funds managed by diverse general partners and why they invest in these funds.

NAIC Member Spotlight