NAIC's membership represents diverse private equity firms and hedge funds investing in emerging domestic and global mid-market opportunities. Our members consistently produce superior returns and as a result are catalysts for job creation, economic growth and a pipeline of new managers essential for sustained investment returns.

Membership Categories

Full Membership

Full membership is open to private equity firms or hedge funds whose investment strategies focus on emerging and global mid-market opportunities.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to any individual, corporation, professional service provider, or industry consulting firm involved in activities that further the objectives of NAIC and provide services or support to our full members.

Member Benefits

In joining the NAIC you will not only connect with the top-performing diverse general partners, executives and decision-makers in the United States, you will also benefit from the NAIC’s work in the following areas:


The NAIC works vigorously to ensure that its members are not excluded when policymakers and other decision-makers are determining where to invest their funds or weighing in on legislation that could impact the NAIC’s membership. This includes representation during:

  • Legislative Hearings
  • Corporate Initiatives
  • LP Briefings

Thought Leadership

In the world of finance, there’s nothing more important than solid research. NAIC’s research details how member firms perform relative to the overall industry, insight into how limited partners invest, among other critical topics, resulting in NAIC becoming a trusted source in the private equity community. Examples of the NAIC’s industry insights include:

  • LP Scorecard
  • Performance Survey
  • NAIC Annual Meeting & Convention

Access To Capital

Through the NAIC, its members gain access to limited partners from which they may not otherwise have benefitted. NAIC-sponsored events that allow its members unique collaborative opportunities with institutional investors include:

  • Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative
  • Public Pension Plan Road Shows


  • Assets Under Management

    Membership Dues

  • $1 Billion and up$25,000
  • $500M to $999M$17,500
  • $250M to $499M$12,500
  • $100M to $249M $10,000
  • Under $100M $7,500
  • Funds in Formation $5,000


  • Affiliate Categories

    Membership Dues

  • Corporate$15,000
  • Professional Service Firms$7,500
  • Industry Consulting Firms, $15B and up FUA*$15,000
  • Industry Consulting Firms, Up to $15B FUA*$10,000
  • Individuals$2,500

*FUA=Fees under advisement


NAIC facilitates strategic relationships between member firms and institutional investors seeking superior risk adjusted returns. Every initiative NAIC undertakes supports industry transparency and inclusion for our members.

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