Hall of Fame Award Winners

The NAIC recognizes organizations, investment professionals and senior executives who have demonstrated personal achievement, passion and dedication each year during its Annual Private Equity & Hedge Fund Conference. Also honored are those groundbreaking deals orchestrated by visionary diverse managers.

The Hall of Fame Award

The NAIC Hall of Fame Award is bestowed upon an honored few who have not only consistently remained at the top of their game over the years, but also have inspired and paved the way for others to follow in their footsteps.

2018 Winner:

Former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones Jr.

2015 Winners:

Laurence C. Morse, Ph.D. Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Fairview Capital Partners
J. Peter Thompson, Managing Partner, Opportunity Capital Partners
Denise L. Nappier, Treasurer of the State of Connecticut
Daniel D. Villanueva Advisory Partner, Rustic Canyon / Fontis Partners, LP.

2013 Winner:

Les Brun, Max Casanavae, Congresswoman Maxine Waters

2012 Winner:

Terry Jones, Managing Partner, Syncom Venture Partners
JoAnn Price, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Fairview Capital

2010 Winner:

Herbert Wilkins, Sr., Founder of Syncom