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Perspectives is a video web series hosted by the National Association of Investment Companies that provides a look into the world of diverse investment managers and the industries in which they do business. Important industry news, the latest trends, and groundbreaking transactions are discussed by the industry professionals and influential deal-makers who make them happen. Select a topic below to view videos related to that topic.

A Look Into Diverse-Owned Firms

Champions for Diversity

DAMI and the Argument for Inclusion

Diverse Managers and Their Strategies

Making the Case for Diversity

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Performance in the Marketplace

Women in Private Equity

Greater Diversity Equals Better Outcomes
Jon Zindel
An increase in diversity in financial services will inevitably lead to industry growth and ultimately better solutions for clients, according to Jon W. Zindel, Chief Financial Officer for William Blair & Co. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Zindel shares his firm’s take on the value of diversity and inclusion and explains how the premier firms of the future will be those with a diverse talent pool.
Getting The Message Out To Women
Alisa Amarosa Wood
When it comes to recruiting best-in-class talented women into the private equity industry, there’s a bit of a communication breakdown. Alisa Amarosa Wood, Member, Client and Partner Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. details some of the industry efforts under way to market to, recruit and mentor women to order reduce the current gender gap.
The Significance of Diversity
Robert L. Greene
As America continues to become more diverse, it becomes increasingly important to avoid a concentration of investible capital within in a small group of people who could potentially suffer from groupthink or pattern recognition that don’t include diverse people. Here, Robert L. Greene, President & CEO of the NAIC, explains the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative (DAMI) and its campaign to increase the amount of capital flowing to diverse managers.
Tackling Diversity
Daniel L. Black
Daniel L. Black, Managing Partner of the Wicks Group, tackles the issues of diversity within the private equity industry — the causes and potential solutions to ensure barriers are removed for women and people of color. The Wicks Group is a private equity firm that invests in lower-middle-market companies operating in segments of the information, education and media industries principally in the United States and Canada.
Working with Diverse Managers
Ted Eliopoulos
Ted Eliopoulos, Chief Investment Officer of CalPERS, discusses the agency’s experience with its decades-long commitment to diverse managers, CalPERS’ usage of the diverse manager pool for acquiring top talent as well as its long-term investment strategy. With more than 1.8 million members and approximately $300 billion in assets CalPERS manages the largest public pension fund in the United States.
How Diversity Adds Value
David J. Grain
David J. Grain, Founder and Managing Partner of Grain Management LLC, shares his thoughts on the value diverse managers bring to their corporate partners and his approach to team-building. An active participant in national civic affairs, President Barack Obama appointed Mr. Grain to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) in July 2011.
Making the Case for Diverse Managers
Joseph Haslip
The performance of diverse managers in the market (and the data to prove it) has resulted in institutional investors allocating more in the space, with an increased number of allocators creating programs to effectively do just that, according to Joseph Haslip, Chairman of the NAIC. He also cites NAIC member Vista Equity Partners being named as the top private equity firm in the world as a contributor to more allocators looking into the diverse managers marketplace.
Defining Success for the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative
Robert Raben
Robert Raben, President & Founder of The Raben Group, says the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative will succeed when inclusion and participation by people of color is so complete that a distinct effort is no longer needed. Until then, the initiative will employ advocacy, education and assertive tactics to make the case that diversity means performance.
Diverse Teams, Better Performance
Alisa Amarosa Wood
Several studies have proven that firms with diverse teams outperform benchmarks at a greater rate than other firms. Alisa Amarosa Wood, Member, Client and Partner Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., points out that more diverse decisions lead to better discussions and better results which can drive value to a firm’s constituents.
Valuable Mentorship
Howard Sanders
Howard Sanders, Founder and Managing Director of Auldbrass Partners, shares how institutional and entrepreneurial mentorship helped his team more effectively communicate both internally and with investors. He also cites how his firm, a spinout of Citigroup, received support from executives at the financial giant.
The Business Case for Inclusion
Maha Eltobgy
Creating policies that embrace diversity isn’t just a moral imperative, but also sound business practice. Maha Eltobgy, Head of Investors Industries, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum LLC, says those involved in seeing greater diversity in the private equity industry needs to press the business case for inclusion.
The Value of Diverse Managers
R. David Kelly
R. David Kelly, Chairman of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), reveals how his team helped increase the size of the retirement plan and the role diverse managers played in growing assets by achieving superior returns. TRS manages a $132 billion fund and provides retirement and related benefits for those employed by public schools, colleges, and universities.