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Perspectives is a video web series hosted by the National Association of Investment Companies that provides a look into the world of diverse investment managers and the industries in which they do business. Important industry news, the latest trends, and groundbreaking transactions are discussed by the industry professionals and influential deal-makers who make them happen. Select a topic below to view videos related to that topic.

A Look Into Diverse-Owned Firms

Champions for Diversity

DAMI and the Argument for Inclusion

Diverse Managers and Their Strategies

Making the Case for Diversity

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Women in Private Equity

Standing Out in a Crowd
Brent Gledhill
How can a young private equity firm best gain a positive reputation and build relationships to position itself for larger capital allocations? In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Brent Gledhill, Managing Director, Global Head of Investment Banking, William Blair, spells out what he looks for in an asset manager and provides actionable advice on how new firms can separate themselves from the pack. Gledhill leads a business that comprises more than 500 bankers on four continents in more than 20 cities.
How Colonial Consulting Built an Effective Diversity Plan
Angela Matheny
While many investment consulting firms have yet to realize the benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion, Colonial Consulting put together a plan that resulted in not only greater client satisfaction, but greater capital commitments to diverse asset managers. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Angela Matheny, Director of Investment Staff & Diverse Manager Equity, Colonial Consulting, shares some of the first steps the firm took with regard to sourcing diverse talent.
Texas TRS’ Plan to Invest More Than $3 Billion With Emerging Managers
Jarvis Hollingsworth
The Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS) announced plans last year to invest an additional $3 billion with Emerging Managers over 3-5 years. This came on top of an existing $5.8 billion TRS has already invested with emerging managers since 2005. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Jarvis Hollingsworth, Chairman of the TRS Board of Trustees, explains how the program was structured and why a ‘transition portfolio’ was implemented for certain managers.
Staying Off the SEC’s Radar
Gregory M. Weston
In recent years, the SEC has increased its regulation of private equity firms and their practices. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Gregory M. Weston, Partner at international law firm Winston & Strawn LLP, shares his thoughts regarding critical areas that fall in the SEC’s crosshairs – reporting, transparency, conflicts of interest –and what private equity firms should be aware of from a compliance standpoint.
Finding Gems In Healthcare
Avinash Amin, MD
An effective investment team is one of the most critical components of a money management firm. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Avinash Amin, MD, Co-Founder and Partner of Madryn Asset Management, shares his firm’s investment strategy, decision-making process and how they deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. Madryn invests in innovative healthcare companies specializing in unique and transformative products, technologies, and services.
The Influencers of the Role Model
John W. Rogers, Jr.
John W. Rogers, Jr., Chairman, Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer of Ariel Investments, has been a longtime role model for his business success, philanthropy, advocacy for diversity, and public service. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, we ask Rogers who his role models were. From his mother – the first African American woman to graduate from the University of Chicago Law School – and others he met early in his career, Rogers shares his memories of those who helped shape his professional and personal triumphs.
The Return on Investing in Diversity
Jacqui Robertson
For a firm to deliver their best to clients, they must nurture and retain top talent. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Jacqui Robertson, Global Head of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion for William Blair & Co., talks the value of having different perspectives within an organization and properly investing in the right talent.
The Future of Co-Investing
Robert Azeke
Co-investors have evolved over time from passive investing to more sophisticated, more engaged investors, says Robert Azeke, Founder and Managing Partner of Farol Asset Management LP. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Azeke discusses the evolution of co-investing and how it impacts his firm’s investment strategy.
Solutions for Mitigating Deal Risk
Nina Boone
A lot of time, money and effort goes into structuring M&A deals, and there are many things that can scuttle a deal or have an otherwise negative impact on its value or terms. Nina Boone, Managing Director, AON, shares some of the products available to help mitigate some of that risk and how her firm’s tools help private equity firms get deals done. AON is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions.
Greater Diversity Equals Better Outcomes
Jon Zindel
An increase in diversity in financial services will inevitably lead to industry growth and ultimately better solutions for clients, according to Jon W. Zindel, Chief Financial Officer for William Blair & Co. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, Zindel shares his firm’s take on the value of diversity and inclusion and explains how the premier firms of the future will be those with a diverse talent pool.
Getting The Message Out To Women
Alisa Amarosa Wood
When it comes to recruiting best-in-class talented women into the private equity industry, there’s a bit of a communication breakdown. Alisa Amarosa Wood, Member, Client and Partner Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. details some of the industry efforts under way to market to, recruit and mentor women to order reduce the current gender gap.
The Significance of Diversity
Robert L. Greene
As America continues to become more diverse, it becomes increasingly important to avoid a concentration of investible capital within in a small group of people who could potentially suffer from groupthink or pattern recognition that don’t include diverse people. Here, Robert L. Greene, President & CEO of the NAIC, explains the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative (DAMI) and its campaign to increase the amount of capital flowing to diverse managers.