2022 NAIC LP Meetup

NAIC Virtual LP Meetup - October 6, 2022

The NAIC LP Meetup provides an opportunity for capital allocators to engage with NAIC members, facilitate new investor connections and expand existing relationships. The LP Meetup is designed expressly to create an environment where NAIC members can meet several LPs in private, one-on-one settings to begin new capital conversations.

Additionally, the LP Meetup serves as the premier event for all institutional investors interested in meeting experienced, high-performing diverse managers. At our 2021 LP Meetup, 55 capital allocators and 62 NAIC general partners were connected in over 280 one-on-one private meetings.


LP Meetup registration is open for LPs and GPs.  Note that GPs must be NAIC Member Firms in order to attend LP Meetup.

If you’d like more information about becoming a NAIC Member, please contact Dawn Simmons at dawn@naicpe.com.

Why Attend?

Whether you are an institutional investor seeking to diversify your portfolio of managers, or if you are a general partner interested in connecting with new LPs, the NAIC LP Meetup is the place to be. 

NAIC’s membership consists of more than 160 firms, representing over $260 billion in assets under management (AUM). NAIC member firms invest with over 1,028 portfolio companies globally, and consistently generate superior returns that help fuel the growth of the retirement and asset management industries.

NAIC member firms invest in a broad spectrum of industries that include software, healthcare, transportation retail, consumer goods and more. Since 2015, 32 NAIC member firms have raised 59 oversubscribed funds, highlighting investor interest in our members’ investment strategies and their long standing track record in delivering superior returns for limited partners.

Benefits for Institutional Investors

  • Identify new managers with a strong track record and alpha-generating performance to meet your portfolio’s needs
  • Meet several talented diverse managers in one day
  • Learn best practices for engaging with diverse managers from industry leaders

LP Meetup Schedule

All times are listed in Eastern time zone.

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Session 1 – CIO Insights: Managing Risk During a Global Crisis

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Session 2 – The Perfect Storm: Protecting Your Firm and Portfolio from the Unknown in Uncertain Times

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

One-On-One Meetings


LP Meetup registration is open for LPs and GPs. Note that GPs must be NAIC Member Firms in order to attend LP Meetup.

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