Exclusively for NAIC Members: ICS Group Offers Complimentary Mock Exams

About our Contributors
ICS Group is a regulatory compliance consulting firm specializing in providing compliance support to the financial services and insurance industries. We help our clients comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our clients include: registered investment advisers, private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, broker-dealers, insurance companies and state pension plans. Our team of highly experienced compliance professionals know from first-hand experience what regulators are looking for, the industry standards that apply, and how to develop and implement cost-effective business-oriented solutions.

The SEC expects to increase the number of investment adviser examinations in 2016. The SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (“OCIE”) is also increasing the number of examiners by almost 20% this year to 630 examiners and pushing for third-party examiners to supplement the work conducted by the OCIE. To streamline its efforts, the SEC will be focusing on examining advisory firms that have never been examined.

As regulatory scrutiny of investment advisors continues to rise, advisory firms must be proactive and leverage the tools and resources available to identify and mitigate deficiencies in their compliance programs. A mock exam can be a useful exercise to:

  • better understand what the OCIE examiners will be looking for;
  • identify the gaps in your compliance policies and procedures; and
  • remediate those gaps very efficiently

Using the OCIE’s latest document request letter, ICS Group’s Mock Exam simulates an actual SEC exam. Our clients have found our mock exams to be comprehensive and invaluable. We give our clients the questions that will be on the “test” and also help them solve the equations to get to the correct “answers”. Because of our mock exam preparation, our clients are well prepared to get the “A” when the SEC arrives.

For the next 30 days we are offering a fully complimentary limited mock exam for all NAIC members. This limited exam will assess four (4) compliance policies and procedures to enable you to determine your firm’s need for a full mock exam. Contact ICS Group today for more information and to discuss scheduling.