NAIC Capital Clearinghouse

NAIC Capital Clearinghouse is an exclusive platform designed to help NAIC member private equity firms find attractive investment opportunities and their portfolio companies seeking to raise capital. This private and trusted network allows investors to quickly identify new acquisition opportunities while simultaneously creating a marketplace for portfolio companies to obtain financing.

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Why Choose NAIC Capital Clearinghouse

  • Streamline dealmaking process
  • Market portfolio companies to a trusted group of NAIC member investors
  • QUickly filter through portfolio companies based on your firm’s investment criteria
  • Access to high level deal document templates such as term sheets and teasers
  • Reduce indirect costs associated with traditional route for sourcing deals
  • All information shared on this platform will remain secure, confidential and discrete

How it Works

Search for investment opportunities by key attributes such as industry and geographic region to filter through portfolio companies’ profiles
Get upfront info on portfolio companies’ rationale for raising capital and investment teaser
Evaluate and identify attractive deal listings
Based on availability, request platform manager to schedule a call with funds representing portfolio companies ahead of signing an NDA
Sign NDA to get access to additional information and begin negotiations while leveraging existing templates to speed documentation

Want to get started?

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