Multi-Year Corporate Partners

Partnership with NAIC provides unprecedented access to some of the nation’s largest and most successful diverse asset managers. Collectively, NAIC members’ 441 portfolio companies represent over 410,000 jobs throughout the US economy. Additionally, NAIC member portfolio companies have headquarters in 36 countries globally with a strong presence in Western Europe, North Africa, Asia and South America.

Multi-Year Corporate Partners

NAIC believes in the power of long-term collaboration to drive real value for its members and its partners. As a result, we have developed customized, category-exclusive partnerships that provide enhanced access to NAIC member firms and our broader network for firms in the areas of investment banking and advisory services, risk management, executive search, real estate advisory, and more. These bespoke partnerships are multi-year, industry specific opportunities for NAIC partners to directly engage in the distinctive community of asset managers and institutional investors we represent.

If you are interested in additional information, please contact NAIC Executive Vice President, Carmen Ortiz-McGhee,
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Industry Partnership Opportunities
Investment Banking & Investment Management

Risk Management & Transaction Solutions

Tax Valuation/Transaction Advisory

New Paradigm Partner

Executive Search // Available

Real Estate Advisory // Available

Healthcare // Available

Partner Resources

How Private Equity Investors can be Successful with Acquiring Carve-Outs

Over the past several years, private equity (PE) firms have shown considerable interest in pursuing “underinvested” carve-outs from corporate parents. With corporations becoming more active managers of their own portfolios and often under pressure to divest “non-core businesses,” the number of carve-out divestments has been relatively steady at around 400 to 500 deals per year in both Europe and the Americas.