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Continuing our efforts to provide you with the resources necessary to position your firms for continued success, NexTier Companies, a consulting and investment advisory firm has partnered with the NAIC to offer its services to you. These services are designed to help investment organizations like yours compete and operate more effectively.

Given that asset gathering, a key measure of your success, is a deselection process, adherence to industry best practices is critical. The NexTier Pathfinder Process, a proven tool, was designed as a methodology to measure a firm’s adherence to industry best practices with respect to its operational fundamentals. In conjunction with measuring adherence to industry best practices, it also reveals internal transparency, another key ingredient measured in the due diligence process. In an ideal setting, all critical employees participate in the assessment process and subsequently are interviewed. Afterward, NexTier meets your leadership team to help your organization develop an action plan to meet and exceed industry best practices and, if needed, can assist with implementing that action plan.

Depending on the circumstances, NexTier can provide any combination of services to address an immediate organizational need or accelerate the implementation of the action plan, including but not limited to, the following:

Overall, NexTier not only provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the operation of your investment management firms but provides solutions to meet industry best practices.

For more information on NexTier and its affiliates, please visit http://www.nextiercompanies.com.

NexTier seeks opportunities to work with management teams to help them meet their strategic, tactical and financial objectives. All information is treated confidentially and, if appropriate, we will execute an appropriate confidentiality agreement.

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