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Vista Equity Partners

Investment Strategy

Vista was founded in 2000 to pursue buyout transactions of companies in the enterprise software, data and technology-enabled solutions (collectively “enterprise software”) industries. Since inception, Vista has successfully demonstrated its ability to create value through a disciplined investment focus on companies that provide mission-critical software, data and technology-enabled solutions, have strong recurring revenue streams and offer opportunities for improvement in their operations. Vista’s investment strategy is to acquire companies that meet this profile and then apply its proprietary set of Vista Standard Operating Procedures (“Vista SOPs”), which are enterprise software company-specific operational practices, designed to rapidly and aggressively implement change, create value and generate positive returns for the Partnership. Throughout its history and on an on-going basis, Vista has continually evolved and advanced its ability to identify, acquire and transform enterprise software companies that fit its model of success and has scaled its ability to deliver its Vista SOPs and create value in its portfolio.

Sample Transaction

While a number of individual investments could be highlighted for various reasons, Vista is proud of the consistency of its returns – note that every single control investment in Vista Equity Partners’ existence has been realized for a gain or as of December 31, 2015 was valued at or above cost.


15.8 billion