Member Spotlight


Vicente Capital Partners

Investment Strategy

The firm provides $10-$25 million of growth capital to companies which typically have revenues of $10-$30 million and less than $3 million of EBITDA. Vicente Capital is typically non-control investors, although it has significant influence as a result of the investment documents and the board seats that it controls. The firm provides more than capital, as it helps founder-led companies become solid middle market companies. Vicente Capital tends to focus on industries or sectors where technology is used to create a competitive advantage and operating lift.

Sample Transaction

Vicente Capital led an investment in Overture Services, Inc. that resulted in a 15x return. Overture, formerly GoTo.com, is the search engine that pioneered the free market, "pay-for-performance" model where websites bid for priority placement in keyword search results. The company went public in June 1999. Overture was acquired by Yahoo! in October 2003.