A Look into Diverse-Owned Firms

The Path to Secondaries

Verdun S. Perry, Senior Managing Director, Blackstone, puts pressure on himself to succeed, not because he is a senior executive of color at Blackstone, but because he has a need to be the best he can at what he does.

Pressure to Succeed

Verdun S. Perry, Senior Managing Director, Blackstone, knew he wanted to go into private equity while at Harvard Business School, but didn’t expect to become a founding member of a fund. In this clip, he explains how he learned about and eventually became involved in secondaries and helped build a portfolio from $0 to $21B in AUM.

A Trillion Dollar Opportunity

What lies ahead for the diverse-led Brightwood Capital Advisors is the focus of a conversation with Melody Rollins, Partner and Head of Client Service & Business Development of the firm. The former Executive Vice President of PIMCO reveals how she sees the firm capturing market share in the $1 trillion middle-market lending arena.

Special Situations

What are the advantages of being a special situations investor? José Feliciano, Managing Partner & Founder of Santa Monica, CA-based Clearlake Capital Group explains the benefits of the strategy that helped grow his firm into a $3.5 billion AUM high-performer in the technology and industrial sectors.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Launching a financial services firm just prior to an economic crisis will have anyone questioning the decision. José Feliciano, Managing Partner & Founder of Clearlake Capital Group, shares the challenges that come with the rollercoaster ride of starting one’s own firm. He also describes the qualities one must have to endure the storm and the drive that leads to growth and innovation.

Something to Prove

Diverse managers work harder, longer and put more research in than others, says Howard Sanders, Founder and Managing Director of Auldbrass Partners. He adds that many diverse managers view their firms as a mission and have something to prove. As a result, they put in best efforts in producing higher returns and greater alpha.